So, what is Acuitivity all about?

Acuitivity is here to help.
Your satisfaction is my top priority. I'm here to help you, answer your questions and make that tight deadline. I'll put all the pieces in place. I'll make it happen.

Do more than expected.
It's often that seemingly minor extra effort that stays in the client's mind. It's the auto mechanic who also washes our car. Or the non-commission salesperson who spends extra time with us. Or even the grocery clerk who double-bags our milk. No matter what it is, doing more than expected will keep clients coming back.

Everyone is creative.
I often hear people say, "I'm not creative." Creativity is one thing and executing an idea is another. That's where Acuitivity comes in...to take your ideas and get them down on paper, so to speak. Or onto a web site, a logo or whatever it takes to get your image out there.

The idea is everything.
We all have ideas. All great designs start with just an idea, whether a logo, a web site, even a car or a building. The possibilities are limitless. What's your idea? Let me help you bring it to life.

Design Notes:

In approaching a design challenge, I first learn as much as I can about the client, their target audience and what they hope to achieve with the finished piece.

When needed, I offer guidance on how I feel the piece should best serve the need.

Whether a logo, a brochure or a web site, each should have a specific job in the effort to enhance your brand and promote your business.